• The Marquess of Crewe's dressing case, Charles & George Asprey, London 1897
  • leather, ivory, glass, silver
  • 65.5cm., 25 3/4 in wide
including eleven glass jars, bottles and boxes, with silver mounts and lids engraved with the Crewe-Milne's cypher under the Marquess coronet, ivory brushes, paper knife, shor horn etc., a leather note book and boxes, the brown leather case with four travel hand written and typescripted labels, with its leather and fabric pouch stamped 'Marquess of Crewe' ;  together with a small read leather example, comprising the following gilt-metal and enamel- mounted implements: three boxes, two scent bottles and two brushes, and three manicure tools with ivory handles, 25cm., 10 in wide, in its detachable pouch ; a larger navy blue example, with initials M.C.M for Mary Crewe-Milne, comprising four silver and enamel boxes and bottles with monogram M, George Henry James, London, 1901, five steel and mother of pearl manicure implements, and a silver associated hand mirror and shoe horn, 40cm., 15 7/8 in. wide ; and a leather travelling writing case, Wickwar & Co, London, with the Crewe-Milne monogram, comprising two leather inkpots, 32cm., 12 5/8 in wide.
About Wickwar

Founded in 1773 , by Joseph & William Wickwar , Wickwar started as a luxury paper mill outside Newbury . In 1786 HMSO was founded and Joseph Wickwar won the contract to supply paper to Parliament .

In 1788 Joseph partnered with Joseph Bramah to produce luxury Despatch boxes for Royalty & Government and went on to produce in excess of 5,000 boxes and became the premier supplier of the Iconic red box .

The simple design of the famous Gladstone Box continues today & Wickwar manufacturers around 100 boxes per year using traditional skills & tools from its workshop in London .
October 24, 2022